Experience, Code / 2016

Full stack web development in Ruby on Rails for the Boston-based “social network for small businesses”.


I worked for six months as a software engineer co-op at Alignable, a Boston-based startup seeking to help small businesses connect with others in their communities. Alignable is a social network similar to LinkedIn, in which small business owners can create profiles for their businesses, list promotions and services, and connect with and recommend other nearby businesses. While at Alignable, I worked on a wide variety of the different facets of their web application, ranging from small bug fixes to major new features. My biggest project was working with a team of other engineers to completely revamp the site’s users-only message boards to a public facing Q&A and blog post platform. This was a months-long endeavor that involved the creation of a great deal of new features, each of which had to be carefully integrated into the rest of the application in many different ways. My primary focuses during this project was a topic following interface that allowed users to select which categories of posts were most interesting to them and a dynamic public-facing nav bar designed to feature the site’s most popular content.

Technologies Used

Ruby, Rails, SQL, Haml, Sass, Javascript, Git